Run the Trial Stage

Once the Rabbit 2.0 is connected to the Rabbit Virtual we are going to run our first virtual section!

On mobile or tablet

In the computer

  • Close the start screen on the “Close” button
Rabbit Virtual start screen
  • Select the first option Single Race
  • Check if the Islands track is selected and touch the New Game button
Selection of tracks
  • Go straight for a few meters and stop at the start of the river which is where the roadbook begins. (use hand brake = spacebar)
  • If everything is ok, the Rabbit odometer should already move automatically.
  • Zero the odometer by touching the rabbit of the first reference.
  • Set departure time by tapping the red clock.
  • Enjoy!

Control the Car

  • Use the arrows to accelerate, brake and turn.
  • Space bar for handbrake.
  • To see all the controls press Ctrl + F1 to open the Rabbit Virtual entry screen.

RBK – 1ยบ Virtual Regularity Rally of the World

To train with a real test we provide below the link for the RBK of the 1st edition of the 1st Virtual Regularity Rally of the World:
Password: 935167

Enter our Rabbit Virtual Support and News group (Telegram):