Calibration is an adjustment of the distance measurement of our odometer to the distance proposed by the organization of the rally. Doing a well done calibration is one of the most important steps to succeed in a Regularity Rally.

In general, the calibration is a document / paper apart from the rutometer, but it can also be indicated in the first stage of the roadbook.


  • To calibrate using the Rabbit Box, make sure the Rabbit Rally is already connected to the Rabbit Box.
  • Calibration should always be done after tire calibration as it may change when tire calibration is altered.

Well, to do the calibration follow the steps below:

  1. Open the “Calibration” screen.
  2. Stop the car with the column aligned to the signal indicated at the beginning of the calibration section.
  3. Click on “Reset Odometer”.
  4. Take the tour, tracing properly and following the organizer’s instructions.
  5. Stop the car with the column aligned to the signal indicated at the end of the calibration section.
  6. Enter the measure indicated by the organization and click on the calibrate button.
  7. Go back to the beginning of the calibration section, reset the odometer and do the run again to check if it matches the official measurement.

Below is the calibration screen in Rabbit Rally 2.0, which describes exactly the steps above.

Calibration screen


  • Ask the Organizer how the distance measurement was made. With hot or cold tires? In the morning or in the afternoon / evening? With activated 4 × 4? It is important to know all the factors that can affect the way of measuring distances.
  • Always ask about calibration in advance.
  • You must stay in the lane and try to drive the same way as the Test Organizer.
  • Our navigation systems have a specific function called «Fine Tuning», to adjust the calibration with maximum precision during the rally test. To learn more, click here