GPS and Garmin GLO

Internal GPS

The internal GPS is the GPS of your mobile or tablet and it is what has the worst precision among all the options, but to start with it is fine. The precision can vary between 4 and 15 meters depending on the device you use.

To use it, you must ensure that this function is enabled on your mobile. For this, go to “Settings”> “Location” and activate the location item. On Android you must verify that it is in High Precision mode.

Garmin GLO

The Garmin GLO is a very good external GPS device.


To connect your device to a Garmin GLO you must do that:

iOS (iPhone or iPad)
Simply connect the Garmin GLO in the list of bluetooth devices.

Connecting to an Android device is a little different and requires a couple of additional steps and an extra app. You will need to download an app called Rabbit Connect, which can be found at the Google Play Store. Once you have installed the app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Rabbit Connect app
  2. Select Garmin GLO and wait for it to connect
  3. Open the Rabbit Rally 2.0 app
  4. Go to the connections screen and select Rabbit Connect
  5. Wait for the connection and

6. On the Rabbit Rally 2.0 Connections page and select Km/h (Metric) or MPH (Imperial) in GPS, as shown in the image below.

Connections Screen