Regularity Gauges

This navigation screen has almost the same data as the Regularity Numbers screen but with a different display. Includes hidden data and there is no Regression field.

Elements of the Regularity Gauges screen.

1. Chronometer
2. Clock
3. Stage
4. Pointer indicating the ideal time.
5. Green pointer is the speed of the section and blue is the real speed.
6. Ideal Time
7. Substage speed
8. Speed of the next Substage
9. Odometer
10. Button to reset the odometer
11. Decrease 1 meter odometer
12. Fine Tuning
13. Enable reverse odometer
14. Increase 1 meter odometer

In addition to the fields mentioned above this screen also has some “hidden” fields so you can customize your screen to your preferences.

15. Chronometer, clicking on the Time for ideal
16. Compass, clicking on the Substage speed