Fine Tuning

Another great innovation from the Rabbit! This function enables possible calibration errors to be adjusted as precisely as possible.

If the co-pilot has to make constant adjustments all the time (for example, always adding meters to each reference), the calibration may not be correct. In this case, it is necessary to do a “FINE ADJUSTMENT” of the calibration to mark more or less meters every kilometer and compensate for any errors.

But how to know how many meters must be added or removed to adjust the calibration? The Rabbit archives all adjustments made by the co-pilot and, based on these data, suggests the most appropriate and accurate adjustment!

ATTENTION! Fine tuning will change the odometer calibration and if you don’t use it well it can really harm your result! You can go back to previous calibrations using the Calibration History (3 dots on the Fine Adjustment or Calibration screen).