Clock Synchronize

It is very important that you synchronize the Rabbit’s clock with the official test clock, since this will ensure that all time-based calculations are correct. How to get it? Follow the steps below.

  1. Locate and check the official race watch.
  2. In the Rabbit open the screen ” Clock Sync”

3. Click the “GPS: hh: mm: ss” button (Ex. GPS: 10:26:07) to do an automatic synchronization.
4. If necessary, fine-tune with the adjustment buttons.
5. To facilitate the setting, you can enable the “beep per second” option, as soon as you look at the official watch you can hear the sound of your mobile.

Important! Clocks must be identical in all parameters, hours, minutes, and seconds.

– Have a digital stopwatch as backup
– If you restart the tablet, check if the time is still correct, in some cases it may vary 1 or 2 seconds when you restart the device.
– Turn off the automatic time setting on the tablet.