Copy Stages

The stage to be tracked are sections that we must do the same times of a stage that has been previously carried out. Let’s see how this works in Rabbit.

First pass:

  1. With the stage already inserted in the stage editor, select the option “Save stage to be traced”, send it to the browser and do the stage normally.
  2. With this, during this stage the Rabbit will record everything and create a new stage with the letter C in front of the stage number (Ex .: Stage: 01 | Stage to Calcar: C01).
  3. To stop recording the stage to be traced, simply send a new section to the browser.

Important! Do not zero the odometer before loading another stage. Because if you reset it the Rabbit thinks that you are starting the stage and will erase everything it had recorded.

Stage to trace:

  1. Select the recorded stage, which in our example is section C01
  2. Click “Send to Nav …” to send the stage to the browser
  3. Follow the navigation to repeat what was done on the first pass