Regularity Zone and CPs

The reference of the beginning of the stage is the same as the end of the link, the file conversion system will duplicate two references in the roadbook PDFs, with the same bullets and information, but with different measures:

1. The last reference of the link will have its total measurement
2. The second will be on the next page and will be the beginning of the stage timed with the measure 0.000. Therefore it is not necessary to add an end of link reference and another one for the beginning of the stage.

The steps to follow to draw a timed stage are:

1. Touch in the first box of the last link reference.
2. Select as speed stage (V).
3. Enter the average speed of the start of the section.
4. Check option 0.00 that informs the system that from there the odometer starts from zero and you must repeat that reference in the roadbooks in PDF.
5. Check the WPT option so that competitors know the GPS location of the start of the stage.
6. Touch the camera icon to take the photo of the front of the stage.
7. Reverse to take the cover photo.
8. Draw a line (we suggest the dotted yellow) where is the exact point of the start.
9. OK to record.
10. Return to for the car at the departure point.
11. Touch the date to tell the Roadbook Designer that you are there.
12. Activate the option to record PCs automatically, holding the add PC button and selecting that option.

Ready! Now you can continue to the next reference.

The Designer will add a passing PC at +/- 100 meters from the start to capture the competitor’s start time. The first PC will be created 500mts from the start and the following will be created every +/- 350m. Those PC distance settings can be changed on the Designer Settings screen.

Average changes
To change the average you just have to touch the first box of the reference and change the value.

End of TC and Link
To finish the timed stage and start a link, just touch the first box of the reference, select the type of stage E (link) and enter the link time.

End of Link
When you reach the end of the link, to start a new section go back to step 1 and repeat the whole process.

Video tutorial: starting at minute 01:20