Calibration stage

Doing a quality calibration stage is essential to have a quality roadbook!

To prepare a calibration section we measure and draw it using the Garmin GLO GPS and R = 1 (Roadbook Designer calibration).

By doing this, newbies competitors who do not have a measuring device, who use the mobile’s GPS or who do not calibrate will have a measurement very close to the test measurement.

Tips for producing a quality calibration stage:

  • That it does not have crosses or roundabouts, to avoid that the competitor has doubts about how to trace it.
  • Make it a road with little movement.
  • That it can be stopped at the start and end point, without the risk of accidents.
  • Put your start on a milestone.
  • The end of the stage at another landmark about 5 kilometers from there.
  • Always measure the calibration section through the center of the right lane, thus making it easier to repeat it without changing the line.

The steps to draw the calibration stage are:

1. Connect the Garmin GLO GPS
2. Open the Roadbook Designer
3. In Connections select GPS and connect
4. In Calibration touch R and change to 1
5. In Navigation
1. Stop at the start of the Calibration Section
2. Reset odometer to zero
3. Add reference
4. Draw the bullet
5. Touch in the information box (3rd box)
6. Prepare to take photo
7. Reverse
8. Take the photo and OK
9. Back to the beginning of the section
10. Mark you are in reference 1
11. Drive to end of calibration
(keeping the center of the right lane)
12. Stop at the calibration end point
13. Add reference and repeat steps 4 to 8
14. Burn the file

Ready! At that point your Calibration Stage is almost ready, we will finish it after returning to the office. Now is time to Calibrate with the Rabbit Box to measure the rally as accurately as possible using the probes.