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Rabbit 2.0

To get there first, first you have to get there. (Frank Gardner)

Rabbit is a free APP for Regularity Rallies. On the APP navigation screen, using  your Tablet or mobile, you have access to all the information necessary to maintain consistency throughout the race.

Thanks to its IDEAL TIME function, Rabbit 2.0 informs you if you are ahead or behind the ideal time of regularity. The time display is easy and intuitive, based on a color system.


Other great features of Rabbit 2.0 are:

  • Audible alerts: you can activate beeps that help you maintain regularity
  • Smart Fine Tune: Rabbit tells you the best fit to compensate for calibration errors
  • Pyramid in real time: you can have the information of stages and times at all time
  • Odometer in meters: you can adjust it whenever you need it
  • Different colors for the next bullets
  • Reference regressive that changes color to indicate how long until the next reference.
  • Automatic adjustment by GPS position
  • Table Navigation (Predictive)
  • Draw notes on the Roadbook


A great tool to fully enjoy your Rally! Free, intuitive, functional and highly accurate. Rabbit 2.0 has all it!

Requirements to use the Rabbit 2.0 APP: Android 4.4 Tablet or Mobile


Our high-precision navigation equipment, thanks to the digital odometer connected by probe to the wheel of the car or GPS.

Rabbit 2.0 Support

Different from the speed rallies where the one who runs faster wins, in a regularity rally the most regular wins, that is, the competitors who maintain the average speed imposed by the organization of the rally throughout the race. And how to maintain the imposed......

To prepare the Rabbit Rally 2.0 for a rally, you must verify and follow the steps that we will explain. We try to describe everything in the normal order of the events from one week before the rally until the big day!...

Finally it is time for the rally! With the guides below you can prepare for the race and get the most out of the Rabbit!...