Rabbit Rally

Crazy for Regularity Rally!

We design solutions to strengthen our sport, we incorporate new technologies to innovate and reduce costs. Thus making it easier to carry out new rallies and attracting more participants.

We are always in touch with our customers and seeking the best results.

We listen to all your advice and develop our solutions based on needs and new ideas.


  • We stay at home, but with regularity rallies!   Introducing “Virtual Rabbit”: our racing simulator to connect you to Rabbit Rally 2.0

  • RABBIT 2.0 INNOVATES YOUR EXPERIENCE IN MONTE-CARLO HISTORIQUE! More info: http://rabbitrally.com/montecarlo/  


Rabbit 2.0

Your best ally in Regularity Rallies. Rabbit 2.0 is free, intuitive, functional and totally accurate. Discover all its functions

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RoadBook Designer

A simple, fast and accurate app. Just what you need to draw routometers suitable for printing on paper or for digital visualization. Thanks to an intuitive interface, the Roadbook Designer offers you a system without limit of km, with standard FIA or personalized drawings and maximum precision.

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MiRally SmartControl

An exclusive platform with a unified agenda to keep up to date with all the racing. And an innovative system of quick registrations, where you can see all the results and view the replays with an exclusive 3D map.

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VI Rallye Platja D’aro.

10/11/2018 – 11/11/2018 | Playa de Aro, España

VI Rallye Platja D’aro.

10/11/2018 – 11/11/2018 | Playa de Aro, España

Rabbit Box

Rabbit Box is a high-precision equipment with all the functions to provide the best results in regularity rallies.

Developed by a pilot specialized in high precision programs, Rabbit Box connects the odometer with probes installed on the wheels of the car.