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The Rabbit APP that allows you to draw roadbooks suitable for printing on paper (PDF) and digital display (RBK) simply, quickly and accurately.

Our Roadbook Designer has a library with over 1000 common drawing bullets and external references, plus a library of FIA symbols and signs. We also offer the option to customize images or draw manually to add specific and original aspects.

Just take the tour once to have the route ready to distribute to competitors, as the APP automatically marks the distance covered and saves the drawings made on the screen.

A precise route in a very short time, in a practical and effective way, with no limit to bullets and no printing costs.

No more wasting time with calculations and preparation! Rabbit Roadbook Designer is the reliable application that allows you to have all the bullets with their distances, speed changes, perfectly indicated external references and automatically calculated times in a short time!

  • Our Roadbook Designer is suitable for all types of Rally and offers you free and unlimited support.
  • The conversion of the files for PDF and RBK (digital roadbook) only costs € 29 per roadbook with no mileage limits. To do so, just save the file and send it to the cloud. You will receive an email with instructions to set up the roadbook and pay.
  • We also have the option of an annual fee of € 290 with no limit on roadbooks.

Don’t waste any more time!

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RoadBook Designer Support

To measure the rally correctly we must use the Rabbit Box, but first we must calibrate the Roadbook Designer. Before starting to calibrate it is advisable to have the tires warm for the measurement not to vary in each of the passes while the tires......

Adjust Link Times (8) Before saving the file, if you want to start the TCs (timed stage) always at the full minute, use the Adjust Link Times button (8) so that the designer adds a few seconds to each link and with that the sections......

The reference of the beginning of the stage is the same as the end of the link, the file conversion system will duplicate two references in the roadbook PDFs, with the same bullets and information, but with different measures: 1. The last reference of the......

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