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MiRally SmartControl

 Future comes by itself, progress does not. (Poul Henningsen)

The only and exclusive online platform that offers innovative solutions for competitors, organizers and timekeepers.


The online platform to time, organize and manage your TSD Rallies.

Thanks to its unified agenda and quick registration system, competitors will be able to keep up to date with all the rallies and sign up to everyone they want without having to fill out forms every time. They can also see the results and see the replays in an exclusive 3D map.

And a whole world of advantages for the organizers!

For only € 6 per car (+VAT) per race day, the MiRally SmartControl timing system includes:

  • Race publication on the portal
  • Registration management system
  • Checkpoint registration
  • Map with last location of each participant
  • Calculation of results in real time
  • Delay system for start point stage
  • Speed report
  • Registration of penalties
  • Publication of results and online ranking

The platform that makes your life easier and reduces the timing costs. MiRally SmartControl is the first system that uses the mobile phones of the participants as GPS location equipment in real time.

You need it!

In Europe we also have the option to rent our own MiRally GPSs (transponders) for only € 6 per car (+VAT) per race day (2 GPSs per car).

Any other question?

Certified Timekeepers

Miguel Angel from Maralba Circuit organizes and schedules regularity training sessions for the Spanish Cup of Electric Vehicles, the famous Eco-Rallyes....

Colombian Motorsports is responsible for timing rallies in Colombia, Panama and Ecuador. With more than 10 years of experience in organizing sporting events, they now have MiRally SmartControl to optimize their results....

In Finland, Jukka Aromaa leads the regularity national championships using the MiRally SmartControl to time and the Roadbook Designer to setup the races....

Manolo Melendo and his team draw roadbooks and time rallies in Andalusia using our systems since 2017....

The G2 is responsible for organizing and giving results for orienteering races throughout Brazil, they are: Mitsubishi Outdoor, BMW GS Trophy and corporate trainings....

In Mexico, our exclusive distributor of Rabbit equipments, schedules, organizes and prepares roadbooks throughout the country....

Clarence Westberg is an experienced rally organizer in the United States who uses our systems to time and draw roadbooks in Minnesota, Wisconsin and regions around....